Thursday, January 17, 2013

Death Threats from Violent Feminists

Yes Virginia, feminism really IS a hate movement!

Do you suppose that one thousand dollars would be sufficient bounty for the personal data of those who created this video? And would I publicize that information gratis, if I had it?

To be clear, these (radical) feminists are making a thinly veiled death threat against fourteen men, some of whom might conceivably deserve it, but most of whom are blameless of anything but voicing the wrong political opinions.(SPLC much?) And naturally, the feminists mystify this by framing it as "theatre". They always do that! Valerie Solanas, anybody?
"In the interview she [Solanas] discussed the Society for Cutting Up Men: "It's hypothetical. No, hypothetical is the wrong word. It's just a literary device. There's no organization called SCUM. . . . Smith: "It's just you." Solanas: "It's not even me . . . I mean, I thought of it as a state of mind. In other words, women who think a certain way are in SCUM. Men who think a certain way are in the men's auxiliary of SCUM.""
Oh, it's a state of mind, all right! I grant you that.

Or how about calling your group the "Femistasi"? That too is "just a literary device".  Just a "state of mind". Right?

While I'm here, let us once again put to bed the tired old claptrap that such people are "fringe radicals". Bollocks!  They are nothing of the kind. By no means are they outliers, huddled on the ragged perimeter of the women's movement. Au contraire, they are the rotten fuel core in the reactor, the tiger in the tank, the motive force and binding principle which pulls the show together and keeps it rolling down the highway.

This is Real Feminism. 

And for some reason, conditions in Sweden are just right for Real Feminism to flourish in broad daylight. I guess you could say that Sweden is more "evolved" in that respect. So gaze upon Sweden as you would gaze into a crystal ball, and know what the future holds when feminism develops according to its inherent logic. And please help to make the posted video go viral, since we want as many people as possible to see the real face of feminism.

Yes! This is feminism with the mask pulled off.

You heard it here. And don't you forget it.

Read more about this at AVfM:

Watch this, too:

And let's not forget the Agent Orange files. After all, this cancer of feminism spreads far beyond Sweden:

Finally, if you even so much as call yourself a feminist, then I  hold you personally responsible for ALL of feminism. But you can escape this very, very easily if you simply stand up in front of the world and proclaim loudly that you are NOT A FEMINIST. That's all you need to do, and then you will be in the clear.

Yes, feminism has got to go. Not just the bad parts of it, ALL of it!


Blogger Fidelbogen said...

It looks like I inadvertantly deleted a couple of recent comments.

But to the commenter in question: It is very poor form to ask persons (such as myself, Paul Elam, etc) to explain their political stance re: feminism by reference to personal experience.

You may take it on principle that political convictions are arrived at on principle.

Persons such as myself, Paul Elam, etc...are not properly "persons" at all in the present analysis.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's OK. It's just me Julie in New Zealand. We have bigger problems 323going on for men and women than feminism and masculism.

But look, at least we know that I have grown.... isn't that what grooming is all about, lol.

You will always be special to me. ALWAYS will I remember you. xx

10:10 PM  

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